Make Me Bi

It’s Okay To Be Bad Boys As Long As There’s A Bad Mommy Supervising

Remember honey, mommy taught you to share.  You need to have good manners and play nicely with others.  Sharing is important.  Mommy wants you to share with your cute friend who came over to play with you today.  Now here you are being a big crybaby because you don’t want to share.  Don’t disappoint me.  I like watching you share…especially when you share your private parts.  Don’t disappoint your mother.  You don’t want to do that.  I like your friend.  He’s a good boy.  You want to be a good boy too, right baby?  So you will share this little dick and these little balls with your friend.  Awww honey, I’m a little confused now.  You say you don’t want to play but I can feel you growing an erection.  Is it because you’re thinking about what mommy wants you to do.  Like maybe…let your friend put his hand on your erection…jerk your cock off.  Come on baby, let him touch you.  All good boys let their friends play with their cock ESPECIALLY for their mommies.  Let’s have a little fun together.  You boys play and mommy will supervise.  No honey, no girls.  That’s boring.  Be gay with your friend.  Be a dirty little fag boy for mommy.  All boys do it with each other.  Let him play baby.  Let him use you…use all your holes too.  Let him stick his horny dick into your tight little asshole.  Don’t worry baby, I’m right here.  It’s okay to be bad boys as long as there’s a bad mommy supervising…. Captures Your Fantasy For:  Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, MILF, Taboo, Female Domination, POV, Dirty Talk, Gay, Older Woman, Instructional, Down Blouse, Nudity, Masturbation, Tit Play, Fantasies, OrgasmI Do Customs!  Please contact me for details.