Ahna Lynn and Addie Juniper Play Around – Part 1 – SD

Petite Southern gal Ahna Lynn has never been with a girl sexually before and she’s never really wanted to, but here she is today giving it the old college try! Addie Juniper, who is sporting an adorable look of short choppy blonde hair and a soft, fall-off-the-shoulder sweater, is giggly and eager to be Ahna’s first. She instructs Ahna to show off her itty bitty titties and then they kiss for a bit. After Ahna becomes accustomed to the feeling of another woman’s soft lips, Addie begins to strip to let Ahna play with her round tits. Ahna seems excited about this and calls them “huge”. Addie lays down her young protege and starts sensually licking her nipples, giving us a grand view of her sexy round ass. Things progress as Addie grabs a magic wand, which surprises Ahna, who has never used one before. Addie starts off using it over Ahna’s panties and then removes them, hoping to make her wetter and give her a big orgasm! Ahna reaches over to suck on Addie’s tits and Addie is delighted by the aggression. Will Ahna have an orgasm? What does she think of her first girl/girl experience?